Meet the Practitioner

Paula Langeloh, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Paula Langeloh is a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), nationally board certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners. This certification is designated by the "C" or FNP-C.  She is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) licensed in the State of Indiana to provide family-centered healthcare to patients of all ages.

She received her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing degree from Ball State University and began her career as a Registered Nurse (RN) specializing in Obstetrics/Labor and Delivery.   Later employed by Whitley County Consolidated Schools she served elementary age students as a School Nurse, RN.  Paula attended University of Saint Francis where graduate studies in Family Practice earned her a Master's of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree and graduated with high honors.  Since then she has worked in Adult Internal Medicine  as well as Advanced Disease Management for long-term care Gerontological populations.

Professional affiliations include:  American Association of Nurse Practitioners, Sigma Theta Tau International Nursing Honor Society, Coalition of Advanced Practice Nurses of Indiana, Gerontological Advanced Practice Nurses Association, and The Institute for Functional Medicine.

Paula has been accepted into The Institute for Functional Medicine where she is studying the field of Functional Integrative Medicine. This is a rigorous program that will earn her a certification in the specialty of this highly innovative and desired field of wellness and healthcare.

Paula serves on the Board of Directors for Passages, Inc. of Whitley County. Passages has been dedicated to helping people with intellectual disabilities or other challenges to thrive in the community at work, at home, and at play since 1954.  She is a member of their Ethics Committee.   

Born in Fort Wayne, Paula was raised in Whitley County where she has spent most of her life and where she and her husband Brooks have made their home.  They have two adult sons.   Paula enjoys recreational activities that include the outdoors.  She is a runner and has completed 4 full marathons.  She is also a hunter and spends the fall deer hunting; in the spring she hunts wild turkey.

Paula is passionate about her work.  She is dedicated to making a lasting impression by positively touching the lives of others while improving their quality of life and health.  She firmly believes patient education is the key to self empowerment giving individuals the motivation to make positive changes in their lives.  By spending quality time with each individual, and getting to know her patients, she can create relationships while partnering to form individualized healthcare plans. Paula believes healthcare is not and should not be treated as cookie-cutter medicine.  She treats the whole unique individual, not the disease.

She Listens and She Cares!

About Nurse Practitioners

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse (RN) who has also completed a Master's degree in nursing science and specialty training in a specific area such as family practice, pediatrics, or midwifery. In addition to educational requirements, nurse practitioners (also referred to as advanced practice nurses, APNPs, or sometimes NPs), are required to pass national board certification in their area of specialty.

Nurse practitioners have been providing care to patients since the 1950s. They are licensed in all 50 states and are nationally certified to be your primary care provider. NPs are able to prescribe medications and diagnose and treat most illnesses.

Licensed as both nurse practitioners and registered nurses, NPs follow the rules and regulations of the Nurse Practice Act of the state where they work. They are required to maintain their certification through a regular program of continuing education.

Nurse practitioners are nurses first, and the compassionate bedside care that we do so well helps improve the care we deliver as primary care providers. In Indiana, NPs must have a collaborative agreement with a physician. This does not mean we are able to only contact that physician, but nurse practitioners network with many physicians in all types of specialties to ensure we are providing the most beneficial care for our patients' health and wellness.

Nationally, nurse practitioners have helped to fill an important role as primary care providers. Fewer physicians are entering the work force and fewer still are staying in primary care. Today, both NPs and physician assistants are filling that gap.  Physician assistants (PAs) must work under the direct supervision of physicians.  Nurse practitioners however are licensed and credentialed to provide independent care and services. 

Many patients find themselves seeking care in walk-in clinics, urgent care, and emergency departments. This is inconvenient and expensive for patients and is not a coordinated way to care for you.

At Langeloh Family Healthcare we want to provide that care for you. We don't want you to get lost in an ever-growing and complex system of medical care. When you need family medical care, call Langeloh Family Healthcare in Columbia City, IN at (260) 248-7848. Family nurse practitioner Paula Langeloh will make sure you get the compassionate one-on-one care you deserve.